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      JAPANESE LADIES ON A PICNIC. JAPANESE LADIES ON A PICNIC.The Curate's heart thumped slowly. "But how did you do it?" he gasped. "And your arm, you knowit wasn't there!"

      Yes, you were quite right. You like being right, dont you?But since people are such fools, he said, does it matter?

      "Go on, Tom," commanded Inspector Grey. "Spit it out, lad. It's got to be said."THE CLINCH. THE CLINCH.

      I remarked that had I been in her place I should either have sunk into the mire, so to speak, or thrown myself, literally, into the river."But, eh!" I exclaimed, "how could ever such as she mistake him for--"

      [Pg 133]The view up and down the river was an animated one. Many boats were on the water, some of them lying at anchor, or tied up to the bank; while others were slowly threading the stream in one way and another. The banks of the river were lined with gay restaurants and other places of public resort, and from some of them came the sounds of native music, indicating that the patrons were enjoying themselves. The great mountain of Japan was in full view, and was a more welcome sight than the crowds of beggars that lined the bridge and showed altogether too much attention to the strangers. The bridge itself is not the magnificent structure that one might expect to find when he remembers its national importance. It is a rickety affair, built of wood, and showing signs of great antiquity; and its back rises as though somebody had attempted to lift it up by pressing his shoulders beneath and had nearly succeeded in his effort.


      One glance at the dim mirror and Leona Lalage flew down the corridor. The music of the band was like the sound of mocking demons in her ears. As she flew up the stairs she could see the blank windows of the Corner House staring dreadfully in. Then she locked the door behind her and flung herself headlong down on the bed. . . .


      PILGRIMS ON THE ROAD. PILGRIMS ON THE ROAD.As the boys rode along, their attention was drawn to some tall ladders that rose above the buildings, and they eagerly asked the Doctor what those ladders were for. They could not see the use of climbing up in the air and then coming down again; and, altogether, the things were a mystery to them. A few words explained the matter. The ladders were nothing more nor less than fire-lookouts, and were elevated above the buildings so that the watchmen could have an unobstructed view. A bell was attached to each ladder, and by means of it a warning-signal was given in case of a threatened conflagration. Fires are frequent in Tokio, and some of them have done immense damage. The city is mostly built of wood; and when a fire breaks out and a high wind is blowing, the result is often disastrous to an enormous extent.