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      Trafford was off, and kneeling beside Esmeralda in an instant. She lay, with closed eyes and outstretched arms, motionless, and for a moment he thought she was killed. He raised her head upon his knee, and laid his hand upon her heart, and felt, with a throb of relief, that it was still beating.

      I hope Trafford has not tired you, my dear! he said. Come and tell me what you have seen. And he motioned her to a chair beside him.Oh, I dont know, he said. But why did you say that? You spoke as ifoh! its stupid of me, of course, he laughed apologeticallyas if you werent quite happy.

      He went out after lunch and did not appear until dinner-time. Their dinner was as elaborate a farce as the breakfast and the luncheon, but, alas and alas! they found themselves playing it more easily.



      Hilary turned, glanced easily over the heads of the throng, and espied Greenleaf beckoning with a slender cane. Together they crossed the way and entered the office of a public stable.


      What on earth did Trafford want with you? asked Lady Wyndover. The idea of his coming round this morning! Men have not the least notion of propriety!