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      About noon, while taking a brief rest to give our horses a bite, we were joined by an ambulance carrying Major Harper's brother and some freight which certainly was not hospital stores. When we remounted, this vehicle moved on with us, in the middle of the column, and I was called to ride beside it and tell all about the arrival of Miss Harper and her nieces at Hazlehurst, and their journey from Brookhaven to camp. Ned Ferry rode on the side opposite me and I noticed that all the fellows nearest the ambulance were choice men; Sergeant Jim was not there, but Kendall was one, and a young chap on a large white-footed pacer was another. Having finished my task I had gathered my horse to fall back to my place at the rear, when my distinguished auditor said, "I'm acquainted with your mother, you know.""Lamp used by murderer waiting for his victim," he deduced. "Did not want any more light than was necessary, so probably lay low in a back room. When the hour for the victim came, lighted the hall gas so as not to look suspicious. Then why the dickens didn't the officer on duty notice it?"

      "That dreadful headache has gone," the Countess cried. "I am myself again. We will dine quietly together, you and I, and go to hear Melba presently. Come, you can leave Mamie for just one night."

      I surrender, he said, with amiable ease.

      The speaker asked the question quite fiercely.

      The General looked at me between puffs of his cigar. "I hear you've ridden over fifty miles to-day."

      Well, weve wasted enough time talking about it all, he said, if thats all the reason Im to hear.


      ARCHERY ATTENDANT. ARCHERY ATTENDANT.I think you are rather brutal, she said. You dont help me out at all.


      Lawrence's eyes fairly beamed as he spoke.Ferry saluted with his straight blade.