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      Her partner bowed himself off, and the three were left alone.He gave her a courtly little bow.

      Good heavens, child! what is the matter? Barker, thethe watersome brandy! Are you illdo you feel faint? Oh, dear, dear!

      I dont know yet that I shall ever try, she said, very quietly.Lady Wyndover accepted at once, though the mere prospect of driving in an open carriage filled her with horror.

      You can not deny it, he said, between his teeth. I have seen you together! Do you think I have forgotten your manner when I brought him to you, thinking you were strangers? And if I wanted clearer proof of the vile truth, I have it here.

      I dont know which to try on first, she said. Try this evening one. Isnt it lovely? It is sure to fit! Cerise never makes a mistakenever!


      Lord Selvaine smiled his cynical smile.Mr. Pinchook has brought us good news, Ralda. Your grandfather was a rich manvery rich; he has left you all his money. So that you are now richvery rich.



      Oh, yes, he replied. The police have taken the affair up, and there has been an inquest on the two men and an inquiry; but, as usual, it has come to nothing. Simon and[289] the others who were engaged have cleared out, and the rest of Dogs Ear swears that it knows nothing about it. The police have had a hunt after Simon, but they are not likely to catch him; they never do. Dogs Ear gave the two men a public funeral, and Im given to understand that they did me the honor to burn me in effigy after the ceremony.