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      "Well?--Well?" insisted the old lady amid the rising din. "And so you--you?"

      It cant be done now, she said; youll have to wait.

      She shall decide, said Trafford, gravely, almost solemnly. I acknowledge your right to ask me such a question. Not only because you have been a father to her, but because I have brought so much trouble upon you."Yes, 'twas so he put it," replied Flora, while the old lady's eyebrows visibly cried:

      She could not have denied herself the note of triumph if her life had depended upon it.


      "Oh, get out!"


      What is it? Something very dreadful?I told you so, he said. You call yourself a clever man, Mr. Varley Howard; I call yer a fool to think that we should bring the gal here where yer could foller her. I tell ye we know nothin about er. Most like shes gone back to England, where she come from.


      When he found she did not speak, he turned to the door and unlocked it. Even then he paused.Will you come upstairs, my lady? said Barker, who had hovered about them.