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      (1.) Why does machinery involve so many cylindrical forms?(2.) Why is it desirable to have separate feed gear for turning and screw cutting?(3.) What is gained by the frictional starting gearing now applied to the finer class of lathes?(4.) How may the alignment of a lathe be tested?(5.) What kind of deviation with a lathe carriage will most affect the truth of work performed?(6.) How may an oval hole be bored on a common slide lathe?(7.) How can the angular [128] ways of a lathe and the corresponding grooves in a carriage be planed to fit without employing gauges?(8.) Give the number of teeth in two wheels to cut a screw of ten threads, when a leading screw is four threads per inch?In addition to its other great lessons, the Symposium has afforded Plato an opportunity for contrasting his own method of philosophising with pre-Socratic modes of thought. For it consists of a series of discourses in praise of love, so arranged as to typify the manner in which Greek speculation, after beginning with mythology, subsequently advanced to physical theories of phenomena, then passed from the historical to the contemporary method, asking, not whence did things come, but what are they in themselves; and finally arrived at the logical standpoint of analysis, classification, and induction.

      We have now concluded our survey of the first great mental antithesis, that between reason on the one hand, and sense and opinion on the other. The next antithesis, that between reason and passion, will occupy us a much shorter time. With it we pass from theory to practice, from metaphysics and logic to moral philosophy. But, as we saw in the preceding chapter, Aristotle is not a practical genius; for him the supreme interest of life is still the acquisition of knowledge. Theorising activity corresponds to the celestial world, in which there can be neither opposition nor excess; while passion corresponds to the sublunary sphere, where order is only preserved by the balancing of antithetical forces; and the moderating influence of reason, to the control exercised by the higher over the lower system.

      Hetty clapped her hands joyfully.

      "We beseech all residents in the municipality to guard the highest interests of all the inhabitants and of those who are hostages of the German Army, and not to commit any assault on the soldiers of this army.

      "Keep the doctor to yourself," Maitrank snapped. "I'm all right. See, there is nothing in any of my pockets. My overcoat could not----"This analogy with subsequent developments is aided, so far as it goes, by the admixture of a certain Platonic element with Virgils Stoicism, shown chiefly by the references to an antenatal existence of the soul, introduced for the purpose of bringing Romes future heroes on the scene. This, however, is the last example of an attempt on the part of a Roman writer to combine Platos teaching with Stoicism.286 At a time when the Romans were more conscious of their literary dependence on Greece than was the case after the Augustan age had reached its zenith, they were probably drawn by the beauty of its literary form to study a system which could otherwise interest them but little. Thus, not only is Cicero full of admiration for Platoas, indeed, might be expected with so highly cultivated a disciple of the Academybut Cato, according to the well-known story, spent his last hours reading and re-reading the Phaedo; and his nephew Brutus also occupied an intermediate position between the Old Academy and the Porch. The Roman love of simplification and archaism induced subsequent thinkers either to let Platonism drop altogether, or to study those elements in which it differed from the pure naturalistic doctrine under their Pythagorean form. It may even be doubted whether Virgils psychology is not derived from Pythagoras rather than from Plato; Ovid, so far as he philosophises at all, is unquestionably a follower of the former;287 and in the moral teaching of the Sextii, who flourished under Augustus, Pythagorean principles are blended with Stoicism.288 It is another manifestation of the same effort to grasp every Greek doctrine by its roots, that Horace should proclaim himself the disciple of Aristippus rather than of Epicurus.289 Even he, however, feels183 himself drawn with advancing years towards the nobler faith which was now carrying all before it.290


      It was Hetty who came back with the second message that the Countess would see her visitor presently in her dressing-room. The girl started as she recognized the features of the detective.


      In practice this difference of effect on the top and bottom, or between the anvil and hammer sides of a piece, is much greater than would be supposed. The yielding of the soft metal on the top cushions the blow and protects the under side from the force. The effect produced by a blow struck upon hot iron cannot be estimated by the force of the blow; it requires, to use a technical term, a certain amount of force to "start" the iron, and anything less than this force has but little effect in moving the particles and changing the form of a piece.


      "Really if you will be guided by my opinion you will do nothing of the kind," he said, much as a magistrate might address a prisoner in the dock. "If you were called it would be a different matter. On the whole the best plan would be for you to be represented by a solicitor, who would put questions likely to--er--tell in your favour."