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      De piggies, dey loves buttehmilk,

      "None o' that!" cried Gibbs, whipping his repeater into Kincaid's face. Yet the handkerchief came forth, its owner smiling playfully and drying his fingers while Mr. Gibbs went on blasphemously to declare himself "no chicken."

      "Poor thoughtless child!"

      I have said my say, your grace, he said, with a return to his old languid sang-froid. I imagine that you have nothing to say in response, and that you plead guilty. I suppose in your world a womans heart counts for little, and that, if you break it, a graceful apology is considered all that is necessary. Out here, in this wild, God-forsaken place, we judge differently. We hold that a womans broken heart demands some reparationand punishment. I demand that reparation and penalty. You and I, my lord duke, have a long and bitter account to settle. We will settle it here and now, if you please.

      Thats so, said Varley. Then, as the men divided themselves and sprung into their saddles, he beckoned to Norman and rode up the hill toward the hut. They may have left some trace behind them, he said, as the horses cantered up the hill. I made so sure of finding her in that accursed camp!

      In a sudden white heat the granddaughter clutched one aged knee with both hands: "Wait! If I don't get seven times all it was ever worth, the Yankees shall!" Then with an odd gladness in her eyes she added, "And she shall pay her share!"


      Heres health, long life, and happiness to Esmeralda of Three Star!


      Our double refined oil without smell, murmured Lord Selvaine; but he nodded encouragingly to Norman.


      "Why!"--the flush came back stronger--"why, Connie! why, that's positively silly--ha, ha, ha!"Isis Esmeralda here? he asked.